1. Burning Love (Ed Sheeran One Shot)

    “Lord almighty! I feel my temperature rising!” You sang a long loudly into the spatula. “Higher and higher! It’s burning through to my soul!” You continued twisting with the beat of the music. It was about ten o’clock in the morning and you had decided to make breakfast. Ed was still asleep, but he wouldn’t be for long. Not with music this loud. “My brain is flaming, I don’t know which way to go!” you harmonized with Elvis while placing the last pancake on top of the stack. “Your kisses lift me higher, like the sweet song of the choir!” Elvis’s voice rang through the flat as you danced around the kitchen holding a plate of pancakes in one hand and bottle of syrup in the other. “Not that I don’t love Elvis, but it’s a little loud!” Ed yelled over the music as he staggered into the kitchen. You set the food down and turned around grinning at him, “I made breakfast!” “I see that,” he laughed. “But how about we go back to bed for a bit, it’s still early.” He suggested, rubbing his eyes. “It’s 10 am!” You laughed dancing over to him. “I just might turn to smoke, but I feel fine!” You sang wrapping your arms around his neck. Ed smiled at you and pulled you close. “Cause your kisses lift me higher, like the sweet song of the choir, And you light my morning sky with burning love!” You both sang. Ed took your hand and spun you around the kitchen. You two danced around and sang along with Elvis. “It’s coming closer, the flames are reaching my body.” You sang over your shoulder to Ed as you danced away from him. He smirked and raised an eyebrow at you. “Please won’t you help me? I feel like I’m slipping away!” You winked at him. “It’s hard to breathe, my chest is a-heaving!” You sang pretend fanning yourself as you walked around the table, Ed following close behind. “I think I might be able to help.” He grinned catching up to you and wrapping his arms around your waist. You started giggling and tried to escape, but he wasn’t about to let you. “Ed stop it!” You laughed as he started placing kisses along the side of your neck. Ed didn’t stop, and Elvis sang on. “Your kisses lift me higher, like the sweet song of the choir, you light my morning sky with burning love!” 

    Ed turned you around to face him and captured your lips with his own. You responded immediately, throwing your arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. When the kiss was over, you buried your face into his chest and he rested his head on top of yours, both of you still swaying to the music.

    "I’m just a hunk, a hunk of burning love.." Ed smiled whispering into your ear. "I love you." You laughed looking up at him. "Good, because I love you." He smiled leaning in to kiss you once more.

    (A/N I’ve had a very Elvis themed day. I hope you like this. I like this…)

    ~ Olivia

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